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GURU Foundation Fit

60 minutes $200

Designed as first professional bike fit, this service utilizes the F.I.S.T. fit method on a GURU computer-controlled, fully-adjustable fitting bike. Includes cleat, saddle and bar optimization, static body position measuring, coaching on posture and pedaling, and availability to demo different saddles and bar widths during fit. A fit report is emailed to client upon completion. See website link above for more info.

Retul 3D Motion Capture Fit

150 minutes $300

An advanced and thorough fit method - the Retul fit includes:
- rider interview
- physical assessment with range-of-movement testing
- dynamic (riding under load) data capture of rider position on bike for both left and right sides of body.
- real-time position viewable on 55" screen while riding
- coaching on pedaling and posture
- full pdf report emailed to client featuring bike measurements, body measurements while riding, and corrections made to fit.
See website link above for more info.